Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wear

Hi again friends! Hope you all enjoyed my first post on wedding-related stuff. I thought for the second post, I would focus on what the wedding party wore (including Brett and I).

Picking a dress was definitely not easy. I tried on many "close seconds" in both Denver and Minneapolis. So many pretty dresses but not the right thing for me.

But once I tried on this short full-skirt option, I knew it was just for me! But I did want to feel a bridal moment in a long gown (I know, I am so high maintenance!) so I opted for a more fitted body conscious style for the ceremony.

Short Dress: Priscilla's of Boston
Long Dress: Blu by Enzoani

You can see the shoes I wore here. I had seen them on the Anthropologie website, but to my dismay they no longer had my size online or in any stores! After doing some research on the manufacturer (Poetic License), I found them online and for $30 cheaper! Win!

Brett had a much easier time (in my opinion) deciding what to wear. We got him a rockin' Ben Sherman suit at our favorite local men's shop Black Blue. Then it was all about finishing his look with awesome details.

Suit: Ben Sherman
Shirt: J.Crew
Bow Tie: Pierrepont Hicks
Boots: Red Wing via Black Blue

For our attendants, we wanted a polished but comfortable look. I wanted all my ladies to feel beautiful! And we didn't want our groomsmen to wear suits.

Dresses: Different silk chiffon dresses from J.Crew in Newport Navy. I wanted my ladies to wear a cut that they felt comfortable in and accentuated their favorite assets. It worked wonderfully- as you can see, three chose strapless and four chose something with a sleeve or strap.
Shoes: Urban Outfitters Suede Pump in Red. Got them on sale for $30!
Shoe Clips: DIY (post coming soon!)
Pins: Vintage (post coming soon!)

Shirts and Pants: Owned by groomsmen- we wanted them to utilize something already in their closet so we asked the guys to wear white shirts and then grey dress pants.
Bow Ties: DIY (post coming soon!)
Boutonnieres: DIY (post coming soon!)
Vests: Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vests. I don't think these are available online anymore, but they had a good price point and were a great source for vintage navy vests. We wanted them each to be a little different to bring out the personalities of each of our friends.

I hope this was a fun look at how we pulled together everyone's ensembles! Next up, I'll show you our attendant gifts, wedding favors and welcome bags!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

All wedding day photos by Geneoh Photography


  1. Both your dresses are beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous! I adore the red shoes you wore too!

  3. OMGosh how fun is this post??? I am getting married in September and I have been thinking a lot of the same ideas--I don't want my groomsmen to wear tuxes so they are wearing suspenders and slacks, my bridesmaids are picking out their own dresses in taupe, and initially I wanted a tea length gown, but I found "the one" and it wasn't tea length. Go figure. Also, do you live in Denver? I live in Colorado!

  4. Oh wow. Gorgeous! Love the longer one...I want to get one like that when (if) I get married! :D

  5. I think the short one is so sweet! I love that you got to show off your awesome shoes with it!

  6. I can't believe that short dress isn't vintage, I was so certain it was! You look gorgeous in all the dresses, but it's clear you picked the perfect pieces to wear - everything is so YOU!

  7. I love both dresses on you! The 3/4 length one is super cute :)

  8. OK, all clear except one... What about diamonds? )


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