Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Treats, Gifts and the Like

Hello again friends! I'm back with another wedding post! This time, I thought I would highlight some of the gifts we gave to our attendants, out-of-town guests and wedding attendees oh yeah, and each other!!

First off, I'll show you what Brett and I gave each other. As previously mentioned, Brett and I have a thing for maps and travel. I ended up getting Brett a compass that I got engraved with a little something special (that's for our eyes only though- somethings gotta stay special :).

Brett got me a gorgeous vintage jewelry box that he got on a work trip (I don't have a jewelry box so I was super jazzed) as well as a vintage gold locket. Which reminds me that I actually need to put a picture in said locket. You can see the locket in this post.

These gifts are so special to me and exchanging them was one of my favorite parts of our wedding day.

We tried to get a little creative with what we gave our attendants. We didn't have a ton of money to spend and wanted to get them tokens to say thanks for being there for us on our big day.

Instead of wedding day jewelry for my gals, I went with different red vintage brooches.

You can see the gals wearing the brooches in this post. While pretty, I knew some ladies might not want to wear them on the day-to-day (although I did get a text from Emily that she was wearing hers with a cardigan! Go girl!). Therefore, I took my compass theme a step further and got the ladies compass necklaces engraved with their initial. I thought of the two as a "now and later" gift. And then I spent the better part of an afternoon wrapping them, not because I had to but because I wanted to (and yes, I am a freak like that).

Brett made what can only be described as a "goody bag" for his groomsen, filled with some cool stuff, including:

  • Homemade (by yours truly) Bow Tie (DIY post coming soon!)
  • Special Edition Bells Beer
  • Summit Brewery Bottle Opener and Pint Glass
  • Blis Gourmet Bourbon Maple Syrup (which my brothers almost mistook for whiskey and took in shot format)
  • Homemade (by yours truly) Boutennier (DIY post coming soon!)

We also put together little welcome bags for our out-of-town guests' hotel rooms, including:

Lastly, for our favors we wanted to provide a little taste of local flavor but with a personal touch. We gave out little fabric pouches of Minnesota wild rice complete with a card with my mom's Wild Rice Soup recipe (which is a family favorite, it's soooo tasty).

Special shout out to my friends Kat and Kristi who helped sew the bags (with Kat's mom and grandma too!) and put them all together. I certainly could not have done it on my own.

Well, that's all I've got for you today! Hope this was fun and not too boring for you :) These were just some fun projects that helped me get so excited for our wedding. I'm sure I noticed these details more than anyone else, but it was really fun to put thought into it all!

I'll be sprinkling in a few more wedding posts along with normal outfit posts for the next week or so.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. If the pics in this post look good, they were by Geneoh Photography. If they look bad, I took them with my cell phone.

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