Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding Paper Goods

Well, I've already shown you lovelies most aspects about our wedding, but one that was the most fun for me was the paper goods. Take a peek below if you wish!

Obviously, we started with the Save the Dates (STDs for short :). We wanted them to be consistent design-wise with the invitations, but we didn't know what the invitations were yet. Kind of a chicken and the egg situation if you ask me.

As I've stated in this post, we really like travel-related stuff. I saw an STD idea on Martha Stewart Weddings with travel postcards stamped with the details on the blank side. We decided to go for it!

3 Travel Postcards: Zazzle
Stamp: Simon's Stamps, designed by our friend Joel

The next step in the paper goods process was to start the invitations. I got really complicated with the amount of stuff I wanted packed in that tiny envelope. I wanted to have 2 separate pieces as well as baker's twine and an envelope liner.

The focus of the envelope was the vintage stamps we used. This was my absolute favorite part of the wedding details, even if no one noticed but me.

A special thanks to our friend Joel who put up with many rounds of revisions on the invitations and managed to get them letterpressed in record time.

Invitations: Designed by our friend Joel
Stamps: Paper Nickel
Envelopes/Baker's Twine: Paper Depot in Minneapolis
Envelope Liner: Vintage Map of Stillwater, found online and printed on an office printer :) Then, I die cut them into the liner shape at Paper Depot

Lastly, we just needed the remaining pieces to fall into place with the same look and feel. We printed the menus and programs on kraft paper with the same fonts. We used some Baker's Twine as a little extra detail and popped the programs into some vintage tins to pass out.

For our favors, we used the same fonts on a laminated card that featured my mom's famous Wild Rice Soup recipe (DIY coming soon!).

For our escort cards, we thought it would be fun to use apples (seasonal detail FTW) and some paint chips to add a little color. My mom graciously did calligraphy on the escort cards (she's really talented).

Apples: Target
Paint Chips: "Borrowed" from the Hardware Store :)

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks again for letting me relive these fun details. It was hard work but I loved (almost) every second!

If the photos above look good, they are taken by Geneoh Photography. If they look crappy, they were taken with my iPhone.


  1. I love the stamp variety on the envelopes! Cool!

  2. Your paper goods are lovely! Wow!


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