Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick Fix

Necklace: Gift via Anthropologie
Top: Gift via Gap
Skirt: Gift
Shoes: Target

First things first, this outfit is made almost entirely made from gifts people have given me. I know some pretty generous, stylish people if you ask me. I bought the shoes for myself (because I like to think that I am also generous to myself :).

Here's the thing about this skirt: it's beautiful and made for someone with the waist size of a small child. I'd never let that get in my way though. With a strategically-placed rubber band and the camouflage of a loose fitting top, we have skirt success! It's a quick fix and the comfort doesn't last long, but what does that matter?!


  1. i seriously love everything about this outfit! i need to find some stylish and generous friends, because usually when i am gifted clothing (from parents) it's a fleece pullover, and i've never worn a fleece pullover in my life. weird.

  2. Lucky you getting so many lovely gifts you are able to wear!

  3. Love the color and shape of this skirt on you and with the necklace, it is outfit perfection!!


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