Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Kind of Love

Sweatshirt: Target
Tee: J.Crew
Vest: Swapped from Emma
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Toms, Gift

I didn't really intend to take outfit pics today when I got off from work, but the weather here was so wonderful today. I was super jealous that others got to spend the day outside! I wanted to have my fun too, so Brett and I went on a leisurely walk around our neighborhood late this afternoon.

And can we talk for a second about this vest of Emma's that I got at a swap?! Brett told me that he really likes it on me. And not to be outdone, here was Brett on our walk. Can you say vesties!?!? Vest Friends Forever!!!


  1. Vest friends forever, love it! That vest looks awesome on you!

  2. LOL how cute you two are in your vests!

  3. Love the vest! It was a perfect day for wearing a vest yesterday! Plenty warm out!

  4. the north face coffee mug really pulls his look together!

  5. I love this outfit!! Great deal with the vest swap. And Brett looks like a North Face commercial :o)

  6. So cute! I love this look. Great vest!

  7. YES vesties! I'm still on the look out for a new vest to replace that one - I loved it dearly but it looks SO much better on you!!

  8. I'm jealous of that vest. It's mint.


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