Monday, January 16, 2012

Western Wear

Shirt: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Belt: Vintage via My Sister's Closet
Tights: J.Crew
Watch: J.Crew
Boots: Fossil

I gravitated towards this top today for some reason. I felt like I needed to show it some love since I haven't worn it since early last year. It's a pearl snap shirt.

You know the deal when you wear snap shirts- only hang out with people you trust. Lord knows I don't want someone pulling my top open on a whim. Brett has a tendency of pulling open his guy friend's snap shirts in public. I obviously outsmarted him and wore a dress over this western shirt for extra insurance that I won't be suddenly indecent in public.

Dresses solve all the problems!


  1. LOL this is true indeed! I absolutely love this outfit and everything about it. I love the colors (olive and teal and brown--oh my!)and the structure. This is my fave look on you ever!

  2. You look super cute! Damn you and those fabulous boots. I thought I remember seeing them in grey and brown. Tricky.

  3. What a great outfit! I love those boots and the sweet pattern on your shirt. You look adorable!

  4. This is a great outfit!!! Especially those Fossil Boots!

  5. Haha, I always do that to Alex too! We're so mean... :)

    Also, You shop at My Sister's Closet?!? I have been there like, twice and I am always surprised how AMAZING their vintage is. Like, seriously amazing. And not too expensive. They have a 50% off sale every season! Love it. You look super cute.

  6. Thanks Frannie! You're so sweet!

    Thanks everyone else for the sweet comments!

    Allison- yes they have awesome vintage! I take some stuff there and use my credit on pretty things. I have about 3-4 skirts from them that I love!! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  7. ...been visiting your blog for months now; I love it! The olive green & cerulean blue are gorgeous together!


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