Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Swing My Way

Coat: Swapped
Sweater: Target
Pants: UO
Boots: Vintage via eBay
Bag: Bennetton
Scarf: Gift

Can you believe that Emma swapped me this coat?! It's a beautiful blue swing coat and wearing it feels like constantly being snuggled in a warm blanket (which happens to be one of my very favorite things).

I didn't exactly know what to style the coat with other than neutrals but I liked the color combo with the orange, so I went for it! This Broncos color combo is dedicated to my Colorado family and friends- you're welcome and this will never happen again.

First and only time I will mention anything about football on this blog.

P.S. Don't you love the special purple button at the top of the swing coat? Gahhh...too good.


  1. That coat is lovely. THe color is just so nice.

  2. You rock this coat! Definitely a nice swap find :) xoxo

  3. First of all, this outfit is amazing.

    Second of all, I found your blog through Pinterest, and the first thing I thought when the pin showed a picture of you is, "She looks so familiar . . . wait, is it that girl from Firefly?" And sure enough, you look a LOT like Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee on that tv show. Sorry to be weird, but there it is.

    And keep being fabulous! :)

  4. I can't believe anyone would give up that coat. It's lovely and I love how you've styled it.

    Actually, I love your style in general and am a new follower.


  5. I love your style and would love to swap pieces sometime. Keep up the great work.

  6. omg Maggie, YOUVE BEEN PINNED?! That is so awesome, you are famous. More famous, actually. Love that swing coat, I am so glad you are giving it the right home and wearing it out! Lovely.

  7. That coat looks amazing! Way to grab the best item at the swap! hah! Looks beautiful on you! xoxo


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